You look for the greatest possible femininity and beauty, The Femininity that gives the fleshy lips is irresistible, while the thin lips give the impression of strictness and determination, which is contrary to the woman’s femininity.

First of all we need to describe what is the beautiful and symmetrical shape of the lips,

  1. The upper lip consists of three parts, one circular in the center and two peripherals that thimble and gradually loos to the corner of the mouth
  2. The lower lip consists of two parts that thin and gradually loose to the corner of the mouth.

To give a bigger volume to the lips, we have two methods, the first is the injection of Hyaloronic acid and the second is the placement of a permanent soft silicone.

If we choose Hyaloronic acid infusion:

  1. MUST always respect the symmetry right and left, and the shape must always be tapered as we move towards the corner.
  2. When using Hyaluronic acid, we always have to respect the original shape, with the three parts on the upper lip and the two parts on the lower lip, otherwise we will have deformation.
  3. The drug – material to be injected must always be absorbable, we never have to use permanent injectable materials, because it cannot be corrected, that is why it is forbidden.

If the lips are very thin, almost non-existent, we must choose the placement of permanent soft special silicone, inserted with local anesthesia from a small hole in the corner of the mouth with fineness and precision, always respecting the shape of the lips.

The formation of fleshy lips is possible in the proper hands, with experience and knowledge, and destructive to the unsuitable hands.

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