The techniques we use in face therapy are defined by the natural outcome and the avoidance of a plasticized facade.

Dr.Kasimis, after studying a face from all its different angles, quality,  age, profession, psychological profile, will individualize the treatment depending on the kind of wrinkle, its position and age.Subsequently, given the fact that the doctor is highly experienced on all the techniques he will choose and propose to you the most suitable method to give you a natural, nonetheless younger face, like the one you had when you were younger.

Unfortunately, there are no patterns that serve every type of face, neither is it correct to invariably remove every wrinkle we come across. It is very useful that at your meeting - examination with Dr.Kasimis, you present the doctor with an older photograph of yourself so as to provide an image of the beautiful, young face you want to achieve.

Because the most beautiful face, is your face.