Our philosophy

The techniques used in facial treatment - body established from optimal, natural result and avoid plasticized.

Mr. Kassimis after considering the person - body from several angles, taking into consideration the quality, age, occupation and psychology will always individualize treatment depending on the type of wrinkle - relief (expression, relaxation), the position (front, nasolabial, neck, etc.) and age.

Then he, he possesses all highly experienced technical, will select and recommend the most appropriate method or methods to have natural result, same as what you had at a younger age.

Unfortunately there are no "patents" to suit all bodies, all persons, all wrinkles and at all ages, nor is it right to remove any defect encountered.
Therefore the visit - test, always be sure to have one of your own old photo. Why so the only way to have the desired, beautiful, youthful face that.

Why beautiful face is your face.